Have you ever wished your lover could read your thoughts? That he'd know just where to touch you, how to touch you, and for how long?

Miya has found that man. The problem is, Jordan works for an agency that has abducted her. Once there, Jordan sets free Miya's feelings and desires that she's never before allowed.

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The story is about a 30-something associate professor at a small town university. All her life Miya has had intense feelings. Studying psychology, she dubbed herself with having a 'sensitive personality type'.

On her way to class, she senses something is wrong, but she attributes it to her bare nerves and overactive imagination. Then a government-looking vehicle pulls up beside her. A man inside sets her at ease, and at the same time makes all the nerves in her body fire.

JORDAN works for a mysterious organization. He won't disclose any details to Miya, but she still trusts him.
(likeness of Jordan)

Excerpt from SENSITIVE

Crazy people don’t realize they are crazy, I chastised myself. How about a test? If he can really tell what I’m feeling... My attention focused on the belt across my lap. It wasn’t painful, but uncomfortable where it dug into my abdomen.
The stranger met my gaze with a serious, yet pleasant expression. His hand moved toward my lap. I held my breath. I wanted to look down to where I felt him adjusting the strap, but I couldn’t look away from his face. The edges of his lips lifted slightly. One of his eyes half-winked. So subtle I almost didn’t see it.
But I did see it. Warm tingling spread across my abdomen, through the sensitive area between my thighs, then across my legs.
Oh my God!
My breath was shallow, hesitant. I tried to breathe in his smell, but all I got was a non-scent. This close, and with the heat, I should have been able to smell some cologne or antiperspirant, perhaps even his natural musk, but I could smell nothing from him. I wouldn’t have minded getting closer to him. I would press my face against his skin to see if I could smell something then. Kiss it to see how it tastes. My cheeks flushed at the thought.
I didn’t meet his gaze, worried he would be able to read my thoughts. Let’s see if he senses this... I shifted my thoughts to the strap tightly pinning down my legs. The same moment I thought it, he leaned down and took the strap in his hands. I felt the flush up my legs, stronger now, and my knees turned inward. He slackened the belt a couple inches then secured it again.
I didn’t realize his left hand still held my elbow until I felt warmth emanating from it again. He sat up and stared at me. Why would a man so handsome be interested in me? I was held in his captivating gaze. Drowsy calm spread through my head, my chest. One more test. My concentration went to my lips. Their surface tingled and they felt exaggerated. I looked deeply into his dark eyes. If you can really feel it, then kiss me.
He chuckled. No he didn’t, he hadn’t moved. The chuckle was in his head.
Now you are really going crazy.
“Just lay back,” he said in a soft, yet commanding voice. He placed his hand on my chest to make me comply.