Derendrea is a an author of sensual erotica told from a female's perspective. All of her stories are based on her dreams.

Self-publishing since 2013, Derendrea has completed a variety of erotic fiction, in various sub genres such as medieval, menage, sci fi and paranormal.

Recent publications:

SEX CAMP - Menage erotica, a young woman goes to a mysterious camp to revamp her love life.

SACRIFICE TO TANGAROA - A young island woman is given to the sea in attempt to appease the god of the sea.

SAVAGED - A woman is pursued by bandits into the wood, but then saved by a husky barbarian.

FORGOTTEN - A young woman enters a cybernetic suit during an attack on her home. She must join with the being embedded in the suit in order to survive.

SKIN WALKER - A Native American woman is rescued from would-be kidnappers by a shape shifter. (Available through ELEMENTAL DESIRES ~ AN EROTIC ANTHOLOGY)

PLAIN SKIN - The eldest heir of the king is abducted and sold to barbarians, who tattoo her skin with symbols of their tribe.

FOR THE KING - Three men enter the queen's bedchamber. She has the chance to refuse, but she doesn't.

SENSITIVE - A woman with a 'sensitive personality type' ends up with a man who sets her nerves on fire.

VALKYRIE - Val must use sexual desire to save her soul mate, but will she turn him into a blood-lusting monster?

A FOREST ENCOUNTER - Two traveling merchants make the mistake of staying overnight in a strange wood.

COURTSHIP - A maid lives out her fantasy with her lord. (FREE in Derendrea's Erotic Sampler)

THE SULTAN'S HAREM - The sultan's favorite, and least receptive slave has an unexpected guest.

MY BEST CUSTOMER - A drug addict tells the story of a client that treated her differently than the rest.

Stories to look out for in 2018:

CRASHED IN THE OUTLANDS - An alien woman must depend on four sweaty humans to survive on a jungle planet

ANGEL APOCALYPSE - An angel falls in love with a soldier during World War III.

THE SWEETEST FRUIT - A non-biblical retelling of the story of Eve and the forbidden fruit.