New Erotica Release: Sex Blitz - Hayden's Turn ~ Menage and Bondage Erotica

So excited to announce the release of the first book in my new series, Sex Blitz. The first book is called Hayden's Turn.

To celebrate, I'm giving away free copies, click the link to enter to win!

Helen has recovered from her last wild night at Sex Camp, an amazing orgy with eight different partners. Now she has developed an attachment to Hayden, the super-model gorgeous recruiter for Camp. She falls more in love with him, but how can they be exclusive in a place like this?

When Hayden accepted the invitation to the Blitz, he gave consent to give up all control. He has no idea who, when, where, or what will happen, he only knows it will be very, very pleasurable. But at Sex Camp, you get your excitement from pushing the limits. Helen and Hayden wake early in the morning to find Doctor T and their friends have come, and they will force Hayden to give up all control before the ultimate pleasure can be his.

Helen, being held by a dark eyed, dark haired stranger, can only watch.