Alien Erotica: Crashed in the Outlands

Check out my recent release: Crashed in the Outlands.

When Ida's ship crashes on a jungle planet, she must trust in Brock, a human, and his companions in order to survive.

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Here is a sample:

My worries fade as his hand greets mine. With as much leisure as we would stroll the beaches of Isothrith, we circle the immense fallen tree and find privacy behind its uprooted base.
He chuckles warmly and I turn to face him. His tan face is ruddy and sheen.
“What is funny?”
He takes both my hands in his.
“I was just thinking... If not for the crash, we may have never met.”
I cannot help but return his welcoming expression.
“I suppose there is some good in every situation.”
He closes the distance between us, his shirt brushing my exposed front side.
“Every cloud has a silver lining.” His thumb traces my chin, following my lips. “An old saying from my planet.”
I gaze down to the brush at our feet, my mind drifting back.
“Even in darkness, the Uhadyk shine.”
Lifting my gaze, I find his liquid green eyes locked on mine.
“Two stars are at the center of our solar system, Igarenya and Itinsu. Even when we rotate into the shadow of night, the Uhadyk embrace. Their light, their love guides us in all things.”
Brock leans in, caressing the side of my face as his lips meet mine.
It is so gentle. So welcome. Even though our species originated on completely different worlds, it feels as if we were made for this intimate act. That we compliment the other.
Bethonos, I want to compliment him in much, much different ways.
He pulls away just before my lips flare with sensation, that would have rippled all over my body. He does not let go of my arms as he regards me, licking his lips to savor my taste.
“You have cast a spell on me, Idarioos.”
He pronounces my name perfectly. Still, I pause in confusion.
“I do not understand.”
Brock brushes my arms in a way that makes me want to collapse into his embrace.
“A spell... Magic...”
I lift my brows with a titled smile.
“Using myths and ritual to perform feats beyond understanding?”
“Ah, yes.” I lay my hand on the very large muscles of his chest. “That is a barbaric notion.”
He leans in close and speaks just above my face. “Exactly.”
Brock kisses me again with such passion I melt in his hold. He pushes me back, his arms holding me at the perfect angle to explore my mouth. My life force quickens. My skin trembles, overwhelmed by his warmth, his taste, his strength. Energy concentrates in my core, fed by the delicious movements of his mouth over mine and his hands around my body.
The pleasure explodes outward, rushing to my skin. The dark organic designs burst with outlines of color, so bright they almost glow. I gasp from the extreme rush of sensation.
Brock pulls up, admiring the markings with his fingertips.
“You are the perfect creature.”
He traces the swirls around my abdomen, extra sensitive to his touch.
With a light brush, he raises my chin so I look upon him.
There is no denying my feelings as we walk back to the group. I have chosen Brock, now everyone knows it. The three men stare at me with wonder, my brother with something else. But I do not care. This is my choice. The most inherent right of free-thinking beings.
I turn away from my brother as we regroup to leave. His skin might have changed colors too, judging from his expression, but his body lacks the strength. Rush helps him up and we resume our trek through the forest.

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