A middle-aged woman is invited to a mysterious camp and finds that her love life is turned upside down.

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Here, are you thirsty?” Colin asks, and I almost jump. I was so focused on the delicious food, I lost focus on everything else. He hands me a wide-rimmed glass, the kind one would serve wine, but I’m glad to find it is some kind of fruity, pink mixed drink with crushed ice. I take a sip of natural, smooth flavors, but I’m not sure what they are. There’s definitely a tinge of alcohol, but it’s not bitter or tart.
I start to finish the food, smiling at Colin. I don’t want to be rude, eating in front of him, but there’s no way I’m passing up this wonderful meal.
He doesn’t make conversation, he just watches me eat. I’m finishing my last bite when I hear someone else approach the table. It’s Hayden.
Are you ready?” he asks, gliding his fingers down my bare arm.
It’s too late to ask what for,’ so I just nod. Colin stands, and both men offer their hands for me to take. I can’t suppress an excited tremor. I accept their offer, and slip my fingers into their smooth, masculine hands.
The guests quiet as I stand. Silent, I realize as Colin pulls out the chair and comes up beside me. The music must be off. All the guests, every single one is turned towards me.
Hayden and Colin lead me out, and it’s good because I don’t think I can move. The crowd is mostly a blur, but I manage to make out a crowd of smiling faces. What is so damn important with me being escorted by these two men? My body trembles like it’s caught a chill in the air.
Just relax,” Hayden whispers, his voice as creamy as the mysterious meal. He squeezes my back, commanding the tension to release. His mouth is close to my neck. Though he doesn’t kiss me, I can feel his hot breath.
Still leading me to the other end of the hall, Colin’s hand slides across my abdomen. The way his hand wanders my stomach makes me wish I was alone with him. Then his hand slides higher and grabs a fistful of breast and squeezes.
My god, in front of all these people! I can’t stop it, a loud long moan escapes my mouth. I lose control of my legs, but the two men easily hold me. It feels like all four of their hands glide over me, massaging, rubbing, exploring. Through misty eyes, I see the door. Somehow it opens, though I don’t feel their grips leave me.
The crowd cheers as we pass through the threshold, their claps and hollers amplifying the feel of the bodies against mine.

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