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Sex Camp ~ Part One

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Frustrated with her uneventful love life, Helen receives an invitation to a mysterious camp outside of town. What she discovers there will rock her world, and other parts of her too!

Barbarian Erotica: Savaged

New Barbarian Erotica: 

A young woman runs for her life as marauders chase her into the woods. Broken and bleeding, the rogues surround her. But something crashes through the woods to her rescue. Something large, and handsome, and mostly naked.

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After a long distance following the stream, he leads the horse through a network of narrow trails in the dense woodland. Twice I try to slip away from the saddle, but only once do I succeed in actually making it to the ground. The barbarian catches me and lifts me without any effort. He gives me a disapproving, warning grunt and squeezes my neck, urging me to stay.
We enter a small clearing of even earth and fern. In the center there is a cindering fire lined with rocks. Beside the fire pit is a fallen tree trunk covered in moss and mushrooms. What I presume is a skinned deer is strung up from a tree in the fire’s smoke. Dried strips of meat hang in a twine net nearby. Scraped deer hide dries over the log. Cured furs from two or three large animals are stacked on the ground near the fire.
It’s his camp. There are no other barbarians in sight. Despite the thoughts of my skin and flesh hung like the wild animal’s, I’m strangely calmed by the sight of the wild man’s dwelling.
He carries me near the fire, and for a panicked moment I think he’s going to drop me on the flames. But he lowers me to the pad of furs.
He leaves me for a moment. Fear rushes through me and I grasp the thick furs, trying to hold back tears. The barbarian returns. My panic is sated by his calm, strong face.
What do you want with me?”
By the expression on his face, I doubt he understands. I look down, and my panic returns when I notice he carries with a handful of coarse twine made from moss and vine. I try to stand and avoid him, but with frightening speed he captures my arms and starts to bind them. There’s no point in trying to resist, his hold is tight and the twine is tighter.
Please, let me go,” I beg. “I just want to return to my village.”
The barbarian grunts. If he has any kind of language, he isn’t using it. He stands, his huge form looming over me like a giant. Trembling, I don’t move. He’s got to be five times my size. He could do anything he wants to me and I would have no way to stop him.
I watch his massive form move to the fire and stoke it with a branch. He gets up from the log and approaches me slowly. He is trying to communicate, but I don’t recognize his grunts. He speaks some other language than the common tongue of my township and neighboring communities.
I pull back as he approaches, but he holds up his huge hands. He doesn’t want me to be afraid – but if he was going to kill, cook and eat me, then I suppose he wouldn’t.
His pace doesn’t falter. Each step makes him seem more like a giant, a solid hulk of rippling muscle. I can smell his musk and coating of dirt, the powerful odor of sweat on him. He reaches for me and I make to scream, but he doesn’t lift me, only rolls me from my side and onto my stomach. He pins me down, shifting his solid body atop me.
I kick and shout, but there’s nothing I can do to get away. I squeeze my eyes shut, waiting for the tear of my clothes… Instead, there is sharp pain on my shoulder. He is pulling out the knives, which are still in my flesh after the attack. I whimper as the first one leaves my shoulder. My flesh is relieved that the knife is removed, but this action has reawakened all awareness of my wounds.
His firm hand holds down my objections as he removes the second knife from my back. I try to kick to get away, but his knee presses into my thigh and just beside it he pulls out the third knife. I cry into the thick fur.
Despite the pain, I am acutely aware of his fingers wrapping around the hem of my dress. I turn, trying to move my bound wrists to stop him, but I’m pincered against the ground.
No, no, no,” I beg as I feel him pull my dress up my legs. I feel the chilling night air on my bare skin. He speaks in his guttural language, as if he’s trying to soothe me, and continues to pull up my dress until he’s exposed my back. I’m afraid next he’ll go for my undergarments, which gives me a wave of panic, along with excitement. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad to be taken by a husky barbarian.
But he doesn’t try to expose my womanhood. He rinses my wounds, then dabs them with the soft side of some cured leather. Then he pushes a wooden bowl filled with a greenish-white unguent under my nose. It smells of flowers, natural oils, and leaves. He shows me a finger that he dabs into the salve, and then rubs the stuff over my deep wounds. It is deliciously cool and I feel numbness spread out from his gentle touch. I bite my lip when he rubs the salve on my thigh, and not from the pain.
If he’s going to eat me, then why heal me? Perhaps he’s keeping me alive until he’s eaten his other stores. I sigh, relieved the sting is lessening.
The barbarian’s hands return to my back. I shudder and tense out of instinct. But then the firm roll of his hands on my muscles sends me into a deep relaxation. The tension fades from my body. A deep weariness comes over me.
The barbarian sets the sweet smelling bowl just before my face and I can’t help but breathe in the strong scent with every breath. There’s a pinching sting against one of the cuts on my back, but not as painful as before. When I feel the pull of my skin, I recognize that he’s sewing shut the wound. My concern fades with my strength, and I relish in the warm softness of the furs around my body, and the touch of the barbarian’s hands against my skin.


A middle-aged woman is invited to a mysterious camp and finds that her love life is turned upside down.

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Here, are you thirsty?” Colin asks, and I almost jump. I was so focused on the delicious food, I lost focus on everything else. He hands me a wide-rimmed glass, the kind one would serve wine, but I’m glad to find it is some kind of fruity, pink mixed drink with crushed ice. I take a sip of natural, smooth flavors, but I’m not sure what they are. There’s definitely a tinge of alcohol, but it’s not bitter or tart.
I start to finish the food, smiling at Colin. I don’t want to be rude, eating in front of him, but there’s no way I’m passing up this wonderful meal.
He doesn’t make conversation, he just watches me eat. I’m finishing my last bite when I hear someone else approach the table. It’s Hayden.
Are you ready?” he asks, gliding his fingers down my bare arm.
It’s too late to ask what for,’ so I just nod. Colin stands, and both men offer their hands for me to take. I can’t suppress an excited tremor. I accept their offer, and slip my fingers into their smooth, masculine hands.
The guests quiet as I stand. Silent, I realize as Colin pulls out the chair and comes up beside me. The music must be off. All the guests, every single one is turned towards me.
Hayden and Colin lead me out, and it’s good because I don’t think I can move. The crowd is mostly a blur, but I manage to make out a crowd of smiling faces. What is so damn important with me being escorted by these two men? My body trembles like it’s caught a chill in the air.
Just relax,” Hayden whispers, his voice as creamy as the mysterious meal. He squeezes my back, commanding the tension to release. His mouth is close to my neck. Though he doesn’t kiss me, I can feel his hot breath.
Still leading me to the other end of the hall, Colin’s hand slides across my abdomen. The way his hand wanders my stomach makes me wish I was alone with him. Then his hand slides higher and grabs a fistful of breast and squeezes.
My god, in front of all these people! I can’t stop it, a loud long moan escapes my mouth. I lose control of my legs, but the two men easily hold me. It feels like all four of their hands glide over me, massaging, rubbing, exploring. Through misty eyes, I see the door. Somehow it opens, though I don’t feel their grips leave me.
The crowd cheers as we pass through the threshold, their claps and hollers amplifying the feel of the bodies against mine.

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New Sci Fi Erotica

Hot Off the Press - Sizzling Hot!

"If you enjoy a well-written sci-fi adventure with plenty of sizzle, I recommend you give this one a read."


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During an attack on her home, a young woman must join with a cybernetic suit, and the being inside it, in order to survive.


LEPHIA - The young woman who finds the cybernetic suit in her ship. There's a secret in her past that may one day save her, or swallow all hope of a peaceful future.

TCAI - The being embedded in the cybernetic suit that Lephia activates. He is reluctant to help her, and for good reason.

ARISUN - The suit that protects the last stronghold of the colonists.

The JISHIREN- The cyber suits who fight for the colonists. Their numbers are dwindling.

DIFOA - The merchant who enslaves Lephia aboard his ship.

The USZOR - The aliens who invaded the planet years ago. The colonies still fight against them, but their defenses are running thin.


     The cavern is small but magnificent. A bubbly stream cuts through the center. Small, natural windows along the wall light up floor to ceiling stalactites. A clear blue waterfall drapes over the smooth cavern wall. Lephia longs to dip into the cool water, something she’s yearned for her entire life. 
      “Please open the suit, Tcai.”
      He pauses and her heart sinks. She had figured he wouldn’t let her do it. 
     Still disappointed she does as instructed. As the feet of the suit splash into the clear, softly churning water, the suit starts to draw it up. She knew the liner was accessing her skin but she didn’t know the extent of it until the clean water refreshes her system. She had felt clean before, but now her skin, her blood and tissue are rejuvenated and pure. Dark purple/black liquid filters out of the suit and is carried down the cave by the stream. 
      Lephia smiles. It really does feel like it washed away the dirt of her past. But... she still wants to feel the water against her skin. WE WON’T BE ABLE TO SEPARATE YOU NOW WITHOUT HELP. Tcai speaks as if he hears her thoughts. IT WOULD BE TOO DANGEROUS TO LEAVE THE SUIT. YOUR BODY WILL GO INTO SHOCK. Movement starts at her feet, reminding her they are bare. BUT THERE MAY BE A SUBSTITUTE. 
      The crystalline liner starts to vibrate. She had mostly forgotten it was there, her skin molded so perfectly against it. It moves with strange cadence, down from her neck to her feet. After a moment it becomes smooth and cool. She gasps and her breath shudders. It feels just like running water. She tilts her head back and spreads her arms. The feel of water splashing down her body is glorious. The tingling rises up her neck to her face and she holds her breath, afraid it will enter her mouth. 
      TRUST ME. Tcai speaks in her ear. She breathes slowly, water droplets beginning to fall on her cheeks, down the bridge of her nose, her forehead. She feels the water soak her hair and massage her scalp. It sprinkles her lips and actual water splashes into her mouth. She swallows the clear, pure droplets. Bliss overwhelms her and tears stream down her face, taken away by the rush of water. 
      She feels the sweet fondling on every surface of her body, except one. Sweet lord, her body begs for it. She blushes and shakes herself, trying not to let her body win over her reason. Between her legs starts burning, while the rest of her body feels cool. She bites her lip and tightly presses her eyes shut. She can’t stand it any longer. 
      “Please stop.” The water eases off her face, but not the rest of her body. “I need out of this thing...” She opens her eyes, but she can’t see. The crystals have formed in front of the screen, blocking the light. 
      She chokes on her breath. “Everything?”
      Lephia shakes her head. “Let me out... just a little while... I can’t do this... I have to...”
      DON’T BE EMBARRASSED, LEPHIA. A BODY HAS NEEDS. She opens her eyes... and swears she sees that face in front of her again. There’s a strong pressure against her upper arms. It feels like a man’s hands holding her. I MAY NOT UNDERSTAND ALL OF THE INNER WORKINGS OF THE FEMALE BODY... Tcai speaks gently. It feels like he moves against her stomach, that his legs press against the inside of her thighs. BUT THIS IS SOMETHING I THINK I CAN HANDLE.
     “Tcai I don’t...” But his lips close over her mouth and capture her argument. He carefully pushes her back, lowering the suit until it rests in the stream. The cool water splashes down her back while his warm flesh caresses her surface. His lips are warm and soft and moist. She whimpers when a hand hooks around her thigh. 
      TRUST ME, LEPHIA. The arm pulls her leg up, exposing her tender area to a cool splash of water. She gasps. I WILL TAKE CARE OF YOU. His voice follows his lips kissing down her neck. The feel of his hand moves along her inner thigh, toward her exposed flower. Her chest tightens. 
      “You are a man... right?”
      YES. His hand rubs her mound. I AM A MAN.

Inspiration for characters and setting:

Love the tones and feel of this painting...

Awesome suit and colors...

Love the relationship...

Great themes...

Love her connection with the suit...

Very close to the suit I envisioned...

Close to the build of the suit...

Love this for a ship (it is a fan art from Alien)...

I used him as inspiration for Tcai...

And him as well...

Love this for the colonial ships...

Love the scene and the woman...

Great tones...

Inspiration for the cybernetic suit...

Love this theme...

Love the relationship with the suit...

Tragic and beautiful...

Bondage with the suit...

Great expressions...

Love this scene...

I used these as inspiration for the colonial ships...

And this...

Love the silhouette... 

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