Character Highlight: CHROMIS

Chromis is a tall, muscular rogue featured in the medieval story PLAIN SKIN. He is one of the favorite characters I have ever written. When I had this dream years ago, he stood out to me. A quiet guardian, fully able to take advantage of the captive princess, but choosing not to. 


“Time now to relax.” The giant man releases the painful hold on my arm. I try to get my arms underneath me so I can push up or roll over, but he grabs both my wrists. “The more you resist, the more this is going to hurt.” He pulls my wrists apart, stretching my arms to the opposite sides of the bed, and forcing my face back into the pillow. I cry out, but it is muffled in the soft cloth. He forces my arms to stretch until it is painful, then holds them there.

I struggle to free myself, but the more I twist or pull the tighter he holds me. I try to lift up my head but my neck muscles are strained.

My body keeps fighting, though my mind knows its useless. I can’t surrender myself to him, this massive stranger who is in league with Raollet.

But soon the fight wears me down. When my body loosens, so does his hold, and some of the pain eases.

“You are under my care now, love. Your body is mine, it will obey my command.”

He releases my arms and I twist around, partially to test what he’ll do and partially in defiance of his ridiculous statement.

He stares down at me as a smith would a dented piece of armor, readying to hammer it back into form. But he lets me lay underneath him a moment, overwhelmed by the power emanating from his robust form.

“You can leave now, lads,” the giant states, but doesn’t look away from me. I can hear, though I can’t see, the other rogues leaving then the sound of the door. In the silence, this man seems even more oppressive.

“Don’t be afraid,” he speaks softer. “I will let no harm come to you, and I won’t take advantage of you.”

His hands return to my arms, but this time he is massaging and stretching my shoulders, like he did my forearm. He presses hard and deep. I try to keep myself turned around, but he digs and squeezes my arms until I think I’ll never be able to move them again. I try to stay silent, but his painful yet soothing movements make me moan, gasp, and cry out. My body can’t help but sink into the bed, limp and helpless, breathing in the pungent smell of the crushed herbs.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

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