A Print Book I Will Never Be Able To Sign

I has been almost a year since I started publishing under the pen name Derendrea. The erotica reader and author community has been incredibly supportive. I have released six short stories and novellas and response has been fantastic. After I published 'The Sultan's Harem', I decided to put my books together as a print set.

Yes, I am a self-published author. And yes, I do most of my covers and formatting. When I ordered the print proof of Derendrea's Erotic Book Set I was pleasantly surprised how well everything fell into place.

I spent the next couple days just reading and doing last minute edits. It felt surreal to have a copy of the book in my hand. The stories made me laugh, sob, and curl up in a ball glued to its pages. Though I didn't realize it while writing, I found common themes in my stories: self-discovery and breaking of inhibitions, submitting to desire and connecting with your lover in ways never thought possible.

With a great deal of satisfaction I approved my print book for sale. It was like it solidified this facet of my writing career. I am an erotic author, and I have contributed to the creative world.

However, no one from my "real" life knows what I do on the side, except my husband. And they can never know. I shall remain the faceless morning glory, keeping the two realms of my life separate. Even though my stories do have a literary feel, the sex is intense. It's not a book I can brag about to my family and co-workers.

Though I poured my heart into it, this is one book I will never be able to sign.

I hope you've found something in my stories, as I have. Thank you for trusting me with your time, though I am a faceless author. If you keep reading, I will keep writing.

Thank you, my readers and fellow authors. This journey is leading us all to exciting places, discovery of our sexuality and ourselves!