A Forest Encounter is FINISHED!!

I didn't realize I've been working on this book since October, until I went back to find the post where readers voted it to be the next book on the agenda. I love the thrill of publishing a new story. Please join me in celebrating! The first five comments on this post win a free copy.

Clara fantasizes about her riding partner Dathen as they travel through the strange Darkwood Forest. What comes to pleasure her instead is more bizarre than anything she could imagine.

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He pulls me off and lifts me so I’m looking into his eyes. They are golden brown, lit by the firelight. His face is youthful and handsome, with defined jawline and brows. His eyes are narrow, assessing me.
“Clara, are you...”
My finger against his lips silences him. I stare deep into his eyes, hoping he can see my need. Then I replace my finger with my mouth. Wrapping my arms and legs around him, I don’t give him a choice but to accept what I’m offering. 
Dathen pulls me close and spins us around until he’s on top of me.


Clara ~ A middle aged, successful trapper and trader.

Dathen ~ A young man Clara hired to travel with her. He is learning the trade.

Likeness of Dathen:

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Sounds great! Looking forward to it :-)
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Sounds interesting, would like to give it a try... Wicked Nyx from GR


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Please share, I have three more copies to gift away :)

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This sounds wickedly awesome. :D Can't wait to try it!