VALKYRIE ~ An Erotic Thriller

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Val (Valkyrie) ~ A beautiful half woman/half creature. She does not remember who she was before Jason saved her.

Jason ~ A thirty year old mechanic from Queens. He suppresses his feelings for Val by covering his body in tattoos of her image.


Like slow motion from a horror film, the woman looked up at him. Jason realized the thing she was holding was Gus, his parents’ bull dog. The inside of her lips were touched with blood.
Jason wanted to examine Gus to see if he was still alive, but he couldn’t look away from the creature’s shining black eyes. Her face wasn’t covered with dripping blood like vampire movies, but Jason still knew the grim deed had been done. He heard the dog’s body drop to the floor as she started to rise.
She sat up in the bed, pushing herself with nimble ease and her gaze deadlocked on Jason. She slid to the floor and landed on her left leg. A sickening popping noise came from her right leg, like strained wood. She straightened her leg and transferred her weight to it like it had never been broken. With gradual steps she approached him. Her wings spread open and with a snap the crunched, broken bones corrected themselves. She scraped her curved nails down her arm, wiping the makeshift bandage away from the wound. Her arm wiped away clean, with just a slight smear of blood. The gash was gone.
Not breaking her advance or gaze, she flicked her hand and her fingers snapped back into place. She stood straighter, her bruises fading, her wings spreading nearly half the width of the room. Her walk was slow and seductive. She tilted her head back, letting her hair cascade down her back, but didn’t look away from Jason’s face.
She was going to take him. She would drink his blood, like she had done Gus’, and restore herself to her full health. His back pressed against the bookshelf. His mind urged him to run, but his body didn’t comply. He was bound by her lurid gaze. She would probably chase him if he tried to escape out the door. He resigned to his fate, imagining what it was going to feel like to have her razor fangs sink into the side of his neck.

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Brooke Gillette