Cloud People of the Amazon

For the final scene of my novella VALKYRIE, my characters are going to a cave in a tropical rain forest in South America.

So I've been doing a little research about rain forest caves. Here is another picture I've been using for inspiration:

Val and Jason have been captured by Val's clan. She has been hiding in New York City for ten years, not knowing who or what she is.

Get a feel for the area, listen to "Howler Monkey Serenade" - a video collection of sounds of the rain forest.

In researching South American Caves, I came across a picture of a mummy of a sacrificed woman from the 'Cloud People'.

The cloud people built Machu Picchu in Peru, but mysteriously disappeared.

At Machu Picchu there is a place called the Temple of the Three Windows:

Chachapoyas were a people of Peru called the 'Cloud Warriors'.

When my characters Val and Jason arrive, they will find that there may have been some truth behind the South American legends.

Cover to VALKYRIE, available soon on Amazon and other venues:

VALKYRIE Cover Reveal!

Here is the finished cover for VALKYRIE ~ An Erotic Thriller

My cover artist is Brooke Gillette.

She was fantastic to work with! 

VALKYRIE will be available soon on Amazon and other venues. Thank you for visiting!

Valkyrie ~ An Erotic Thriller

VALKYRIE ~ An Erotic Thriller

Humans used to live in caves, what if some of them never left?

It's been ten years since Jason rescued Val from freezing to death in Kissena Park, but she still has no idea who - or what - she was before that night.

Jason has always been attracted to the beautiful woman he keeps a secret in his apartment, but he has never allowed himself to act on his feelings. He has seen what her touch does to the animals she's about to feast on, and he doesn't want to turn into ... another creature.

Dark, sexy, and dangerous, VALKYRIE is the story of forbidden love and insuppressible passion. When Valkyrie discovers who she really is she will have to decide between her unlocking her past, or saving the man she truly loves.

Teaser to VALKYRIE ~ An Erotic Thriller

She was going to take him. She would drink his blood, like she had done Gus’, and restore herself to her full health. His back pressed against the bookshelf. His mind urged him to run, but his body didn’t comply. He was bound by her lurid gaze. She would probably chase him if he tried to escape out the door. He resigned to his fate, imagining what it was going to feel like to have her razor fangs sink into the side of his neck.
Halfway to him she started to change. The leather patches lightened, turning into regular skin. Her wings shrank with a fleshy crinkle. Her rigid bone structure softened slightly, and with her wings disappearing she appeared human.
Jason released the breath that had been trapped in his chest. Shit, she was beautiful. Nude, succulent, flawless. He couldn’t stop his eyes from wandering... over her curvy bosom, her ribbed, flat chest, her V-angled abdomen, down to her dark and soft hair-covered pelvis.
Jason quickly looked back up to her eyes before he got lost in her sex. Her eyes had transformed from shining black coals to coffee-brown coins. Her irises were still large, but almost normal. Jason thought he could read her thoughts as she stopped a foot in front of him. He didn’t see malice lurking in her eyes, but his hands didn’t slacken on the shelf.
She looked down his muscular torso, appraising him as he did her. Her eyes were full of emotion as if a thousand words would burst from them.
But she was silent.
“Who...” Jason swallowed, trying to wet his throat. “Who are you?”
She didn’t answer him, though her eyes tried to, staring deeply into his. She lifted her hand to his face, running her perfectly shaped, clear nails over his chin. He calmed and released his hands from the book case.
“Do you speak English?”
She slid her hand over his bicep. Her face glowed with trust and fondness. She moved closer, pressing her warm chest against his. She was tall, her head reaching his eye line.
“Where are you from?” he asked, more to himself since she obviously couldn’t understand him.
She gently rested her head against his shoulder, sliding her hands around his waist and molding against him.
“What is your name?”
Jason closed his arms around her, exploring her smooth, perfect back. His body trembled. A naked, highly attractive woman was alone with him in his room. But...
He looked up to his bed. The large bull dog was no longer a pile of blubber and muscle on the floor; he had lifted himself and was walking slowly towards the door. Jason watched him leave, plodding like he had been drugged.
The woman in his arms was a docile form, but within her slept a monster. Would it return?
He couldn’t push her away. He couldn’t let her go, clutching fistfuls of her dark, wavy hair. Jason looked down, her rounded ass perking out into his view. He longed to wrap his open palms against her cheeks and pull her tighter against him. His manhood betrayed his lustful thought, straining against his tight jeans.

VALKYRIE will be available soon on Amazon and other venues. Check back for details!