Work in Progress: SENSITIVE

I am about a third of the way through a short story titled SENSITIVE

Here is the cover. I tried to make it look like 1970s tarot cards. 

The story is about a 30-something associate professor at a small town university. All her life Mya has had intense feelings. Studying psychology, she dubbed herself with having a 'sensitive personality type'.

On her way to class, she senses something is wrong, but she attributes it to her bare nerves and overactive imagination. Then a government-looking vehicle pulls up beside her. A man inside sets her at ease, and at the same time makes all the nerves in her body fire.

JORDAN works for a mysterious organization. He won't disclose any details to Mya, but she still trusts him.
(likeness of Jordan)

SENSITIVE is cheduled to be released at the end of July, check back for updates.

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